How to Connect

Before booking a Farm Academy Live program, please follow these instructions to ensure you are capable of connecting to with us.
Farm Academy Live uses Google Hangouts or Zoom.  Please check that you have access to these technologies and that you have permission to connect to a video conference outside your school or organization’s firewall.
Below is a guide to the hardware you will need to participate in a video conference with Farm Academy Live.
Connecting with a Desktop/Laptop Computer:
First, check that you have the necessary hardware:
1. A computer or laptop that meets these minimum specifications (We currently can’t connect to Chromebooks)
2. A projector, TV Screen or computer monitor large enough that all students can see the presentation (Minimum screen size of 50″ recommended)
3. A webcam connected to the computer with enough cable to reach the front of the room. Position the camera near the center of the projector screen, TV, or monitor in such a way that our teacher can see your entire class.
4. A microphone capable of picking up all the student’s voices
5. A speaker system capable of broadcasting to the entire class
6. A modern web browser (we recommend the latest version of Google Chrome on Windows or Mac, update here!)
7. A fast internet connection capable of a minimum 1 mpbs download and 1 mpbs upload speed (check your internet speed at
Second, connect all the hardware to your computer and do the following:

Once you have the appropriate hardware setup and have permission to communicate outside your firewall, contact Farm Academy Live to do a test call.  You can also make a call to anyone else outside your school with Google Hangouts or Zoom to test the connection.

Connecting with a Room System (Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Lync, etc.)
Farm Academy Live does not have a room system.  We can still participate in a video conference if your organization has access to a video conference bridge technology.  Please check with your IT department and have them contact us to plan the meeting.
 That’s it.  We look forward to seeing you live in your classroom soon.
Please note: Our teachers do not have the ability to advise you on technical issues related to your computer, network, or room system.  Please complete this support document and work with your school’s IT professionals to connect with Google Hangouts or Zoom.